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We raise funds for pioneering, curiosity-driven cancer research.

We believe that innovation and audacious thinking will revolutionize treatment, decrease the incidence of cancer, and improve quality of life.

2024 Fundraising Goal


A challenge for a cause

In 1989, the Défi Canderel was created in response to the profound sense of helplessness experienced by Montreal businessman Jonathan Wener when his wife faced a cancer diagnosis.

As the Founder of Canadian real estate firm, Canderel, Jonathan challenged the Montreal business community to get involved. By transforming his personal challenge (Défi) into a community-driven initiative aimed at overcoming the obstacles presented by cancer, the Défi Canderel has fueled groundbreaking research that has contributed to endless success stories.

A Community
Combatting Cancer

Over $25 MILLION Raised for Cancer Research

In 35 years, we’ve cemented Montreal as one of the world’s leading hubs for advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of cancer.

Unrestricted Giving

Our unique approach ensures that every dollar has the greatest impact to drive forward groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the fight against cancer. We enable our beneficiaries to invest in areas they determine are most urgent, be it research, scholarships, or equipment.

By empowering the true experts–scientists and researchers–to decide where the funds should go, we’ve discarded the complex systems that often hinder innovation and streamlined our approach to giving.

Our philosophy is simple:
let the experts lead.

Our Beneficiaries

We value community over competition, fostering an exchange of knowledge between cancer research centres to harness the power of diversity as a positive force for change.

Committed to expanding our impact, our vision is to create a powerful network of interconnected institutes nationwide. These centres nurture a new generation of innovative researchers, and by supporting them, we aim to achieve quicker, more effective outcomes in our fight against cancer.

Our Fundraising Events

Our annual corporate fundraisers form a network of hope and support, creating a strong sense of community amongst participants.

Thriving on collaboration, shared learning, and collective strength, our events encourage businesses, researchers, patients, survivors, and families to work together toward a common goal: advancing cancer research.

Défi Canderel Health and Wellness Festival

Join us on May 9, 2024
Percival Molson Memorial Stadium,
McGill University
Montreal, QC

Défi Canderel is celebrating its 35th anniversary by hosting its annual corporate fundraising event in a brand-new format!

The Défi Canderel Health and Wellness Festival will provide the opportunity for businesses to take part in fun team-building activities that promote health, wellness and well-being. It will end with our traditional symbolic fun run.

Support this fundraising event by attending with a team of employees or participating as a sponsor!

Your donation will be divided equally between two local cancer research centres, McGill University's Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute (charitable registration number: 11912 8981 RR0001) and the Institut du cancer de Montréal, affiliated to the Université de Montréal (charitable registration number: 10750 8384 RR0001).

You will receive a tax receipt from both centres, each reflecting 50% of your donation, in early 2025.

For questions or missing receipts, please contact [email protected].

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Votre don sera divisé également entre deux centres de recherche sur le cancer, l'Institut du cancer de Montréal, affilié à l’Université de Montréal (numéro d’organisme de bienfaisance : 10750 8384 RR0001) et l’Institut du cancer Rosalind et Morris Goodman de l’Université McGill (numéro d’organisme de bienfaisance : 11912 8981 RR0001).

Vous recevrez un reçu fiscal des deux centres, correspondant chacun à 50 % de votre don, en début-2025.

Pour des questions à propos de vos reçus, ou pour des reçus manquants veuillez contacter [email protected].

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