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Sandy Zako
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The 28th Annual Canderel Challenge

This May, we will be participating in the 28th annual Canderel Challenge. A 2.5 km walk-run around downtown Montreal. Last year alone, the Canderel Challenge raised $1.25M to benefit Cancer research. This year, all proceeds will be going to the McGill University and Université de Montréal cancer research centres.
It’s an unfortunate fact that most of us, if not all, will be touched by Cancer in some way throughout our lives. Often, we tend to focus on the cure, but the true hope for most cancer patients lies in treatment. That’s why supporting cancer research is so important, not just in our quest for a cure, but to find better and more effective ways to treat and eradicate the disease.
The event will run from about 11am – 2pm on May 10th.


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