Susan Wener is a TEDx alum, best-selling author, educator and therapist. At the age of 36, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She began treatment with one goal – to see her children finish high school. Susan successfully underwent chemotherapy and dedicated her career to helping Montreal’s cancer community. Susan’s experience inspired her husband, Jonathan, to launch the Defi in 1990.

Cancer-free, Susan pursued studies in natural health, recognizing the importance of holistic treatment methods. On the cusp of graduating as a natural health consultant, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. The prognosis was grim and required life-altering surgery to remove her right lung. Her recovery shocked doctors as she recovered 90% of her normal lung capacity. By medical standards, Susan did the impossible.

Since then, Susan has built a thriving therapeutic practice for people struggling with serious illness. She complements traditional medicine by using a diverse therapeutic approach of bodywork, visualization, neuro-linguistic programming, storytelling and hypnosis. She is the first and only natural health consultant invited to sit on the Jewish General Hospital’s Gynecological Oncology Tumour Board. Susan is also a Trustee of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation Board and a member of the Board of Directors of Hope and Cope, an organization that provides compassionate, supportive, evidence-based cancer care.